QC/Technical Support 
IQC pass rate: ≥ 97.00%
First testing pass rate: ≥ 99.50%
FQA pass rate: ≥ 99.00%
Customer satisfaction: 90.00%

Manufacturing process management and control as below:
1. Customer requirement and PO review
2. Workmanship equipment confirmation
3. Equipment preparation
4. Supplier material tracking system
5. Incoming quality control
6. Line quality control
7. Final quality control, storage packaging and delivery
8. Delivery customer

二、How to guarantee the quality of USB flash drives?

Step 1: After received an order, we need to have a clear understanding of customer needs, and both sides confirmed PI.

Step 2: According to customer’s information, making the logo proof for confirmation.

Step 3: Purchasing the raw material, assembling the PCB of USB, shown as below:

Step 4: Testing the USB chip function, shown as below:

Step 5: Cutting USB, and labeling, shown as below:

Step 6: Second Testing the USB chip,Assembling the qualified chip, shown as below:

Step 7: Sending all the final products to QA for test, packaging qualified products and arrange the shipment.

What Is Data-loading?

You can upload presentations, PDF, photos, videos,
catalogues and any other file type into USB drives to distribute information.
What can be put on the drive?
Any files that a computer can read can be loaded onto the USB drives. You can have a link to your website; a 30-second video spot for your company; a PowerPoint presentation; a PDF of your full catalog; or even a special computer program. The possibilities are endless!
Is Data-loading compatible with MAC and Windows computers?
Yes, basic data-loading is a usable option for both Mac and Windows computers as long as the files you put on the drive work on both operating systems.
What is Auto-Run for the uploaded data?
Auto-run allows you to choose one file on your USB flash drive that you want to load every time the USB drive is plugged into the computer. Please note that auto-runs will not work on Macs and some PCs with very high security settings. Auto-runs data can be deleted or undeletable.

What is Data-locking ?
Data-locking will store your data permanently on the drive, ensuring that it is not erased. Data locking requires the drives to be partitioned into two parts. One part can be used like a normal flash drive: files can be loaded, opened and deleted as usual. The second part shows up on the computer as a CD-Rom drive and contains the locked data which cannot be deleted or edited. Mac users cannot see the locked part of the drive.

What is password protection?
This way, the user can set their own password when they first receive the drive and secure their own data with a password of their choosing.(Please note, password lock will not work on MAC computers)