usb flash drives price updated on March 18th 2013
This month the flash memoy continue rising, Comparison is as follows!

 A Group Pricing (3-18-2013)
Capacity 1GB 2GB 4GB 8GB 16GB 32GB
100-299pcs US$4.97 US$5.53 US$5.69 US$6.52 US$11.48 US$16.52
300-999pcs US$4.87 US$5.43 US$5.59 US$6.42 US$11.38 US$16.42
1k-2999pcs US$4.67 US$5.23 US$5.39 US$6.22 US$11.18 US$16.22
3k-4999pcs US$4.47 US$5.03 US$5.19 US$6.02 US$10.98 US$16.02
5k-9999pcs US$4.27 US$4.83 US$4.99 US$5.82 US$10.78 US$15.82

A Group Pricing(3-11-2013)
Capacity 1GB 2GB 4GB 8GB 16GB 32GB
100-299pcs US$4.16 US$4.48 US$4.88 US$5.85 US$10.11 US$15.33
300-999pcs US$4.06 US$4.38 US$4.78 US$5.75 US$10.01 US$15.23
1k-2999pcs US$3.86 US$4.18 US$4.58 US$5.55 US$9.81 US$15.03
3k-4999pcs US$3.66 US$3.98 US$4.38 US$5.35 US$9.61 US$14.83
5k-9999pcs US$3.46 US$3.78 US$4.18 US$5.15 US$9.41 US$14.63

Flash price increased a lot this weeek.

For full price list from Group A to Group Slim with capacity 1GB to 32GB, please download!